Battlestar Galactica - Who is going to die?

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Voici la vidéo de promo qui confirme l'annonce de la mort d'un des personnages :

Et voici la dernière interview de Ron D. Moore au Chicago Tribune:

We talked a couple months ago about losing characters this season, and we lost Kat, we lost Ellen Tigh. Is there going to be more death in the second half of the season?

“Yeah. There are more losses still to come (Quoi?????). There’s a pretty big loss coming midway through the second half of the season.”

Is it a major, lead character?

“It’s somebody -- you’ll be pretty shocked about what happens to somebody.” (En plus je sens que ça va être une mort atroce!!!)

Uh oh. I’m nervous now.

“You should be.”

Don’t kill Adama. Any of the Adamas.

“You’re begging now?” (Moi aussi!!!!)

Yes. [laughs] Well, you’ve thrown me now. I honestly can’t picture the cast without one of the lead characters. All of the characters are in this closely woven web, and to take one out would really alter the dynamic.

“It’s true. There are things that you could do to the show that would fundamentally alter it. The question for us a lot is, we want to play the loss and the mortality of all the characters in the show without completely disrupting the fabric of the show, and that’s sort of the challenge of it.”

But getting rid of a major, lead character will change the show, don’t you think?

“It would. And I’m not really saying that we’re doing that. I’m just saying that there’s a fairly significant loss  that will happen midway [through the second half of Season 3].”

Le suspens me tue!!!!

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